Get the priorities straight

I just watched the President of the United States list his priorities in dealing with the situation in Baltimore Maryland and the open case of Freddy Grey. The President correctly stated that “a few” criminals looted and burned stores in various parts of Baltimore and they should be treated as criminals. He said that the police department in Baltimore had to reassess their policies and procedures and that the problem in the various communities that make up Baltimore have been in place for many years. The point here is that this troubled city is just 38 miles from his home and he has done nothing in the past to address the problems of that city. It is notable that he mentioned the government in this city has to deal with “troubled policies.” He seems to ignore the fact that the Mayor, Police Commissioner, city council, police and majority of the population is black. What more favorable situation could the black population have. The President also ignored the fact that 90% of all people shot in Baltimore are black and 90% of the shooters are black. Yet in a veiled reference to the responsibilities of the families of the youngsters rampaging in the street he simply said they need to work on it. The President then referenced the lack of jobs for young blacks and the unemployment rate of 50% for black men in the city. The President failed to point out that the city is run primarily by black people. These black leaders are for the most part born in or raised in Baltimore and as the President pointed out this “problem” has been in the city for several decades. The President’s answer is to “fund” new head start type programs for young people and unspecified training for unspecified jobs. The President doesn’t have a job solutions program or it would have initiated it sometime over the six and a half years of his presidency. He is willing to throw money at questionable education programs like the Junior College and on line education programs that produce little or nothing in terms of a useful career. These programs do keep the poor and uneducated supplied with subsistence level government funding but it does not produce useful educated citizens. Finally the President says we need to look at these “problems” which is clearly a code word for racism on a national basis and we the people need to step up and stop this problem [racism} but he doesn’t offer a way to his objective. Of course most of all he ignores that fact that Baltimore is an almost ideal city for the black community. It is run by primarily blacks and has been for years. It has ties to DC [38 miles away] and much of its black talent has moved on to federal government positions in DC further tightening the DC resources to help them deal with their unemployment problems and business development programs and still the problem is not solved. Finally and very importantly if the black leadership of Baltimore keeps stating that the black youth of their city are underdogs, discriminated against, with no hope for a future they [the young citizens] will believe it and make it their self-full filling prophecy.

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