Bernie Sanders

Bernie is going to announce his run for President of the United States today. He will announce as a socialist running on the democrat ticket because as he points out it would be impractical to run as an independent, his designation as Senator from the great state of Vermont. Personally I’m delighted for Hillary’s campaign, it gives her a communist foil easy to disagree with in debates. At the same time it will allow her to move closer to Liz Warren’s positions without appearing to give up her “center of the road” position for the general election.

You might take exception to my reference of Bernie as a communist but about three years ago when I was having an exchange of ideas with a friend about Bernie I went to his website and among his many writings he declared he was a communist in at least philosophy. I think he has demonstrated many times on the Senate floor that he is willing to propose legislation that prorogates socialist and in some case communist ideas for consideration by the governing body.

As I said Bernie will make a perfect foil for Hillary in democrat sponsored debates. He will also take the pressure off of the democrat party to provide an opponent. An opponent, Bernie that does not represent a real threat to Hillary and the party’s plans for coronation of her as President of our country in 2016.

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