Whether you are a democrat, republican, independent,  libertarian or those totally disinterested in politics there seems to be one common belief, politicians are not to be trusted. Witness the recent revelation that Harry Reid had lied on the senate floor by claiming that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid federal taxes in ten years. Further in a recent interview Harry admitted that he had lied about a source for the claim against Romney with the simple statement/explanation “Romney didn’t get elected did he?” It turns out that in this case the Reid lie about Romney was given an assist by the press, something we see more and more in today’s world of politics. Jon Ralston wrote a column for the Las Vegas Sun newspaper that challenged the veracity of Reid’s statement but the publisher of the Sun, Brian Greenspun killed the column because the publisher didn’t want his friend confronted over his lie to the senate and more importantly the country. Recently in an exchange on Facebook about potential presidential candidates I made an observation in reviewing a candidate from California. I offered up the fact that while a resident of Calif. I was active with first the democrat party and later with the republican establishment before I decided to become a human being again and dropped out politics other than voting on a regular basis. I have had many debates with liberals as I defend with great vigor my conservative economic beliefs and try to define my somewhat socially liberal views. The one place I have been able to get agreement with my fellow conservatives and passionate liberal friends is that we all agree politicians who are liars, crooks and morally corrupt [and that is most of them] are hated by the average members of all parties and affiliations I mentioned earlier. It’s Reid today but who knows whom it will be tomorrow and as the press more and more takes sides it won’t get any better.