Do you know when the senate and house of Congress passed the last budget for this country?

Actually the last budget passed was yesterday when the republican controlled senate narrowly passed a joint house and senate budget bill for 2016. Prior to yesterday the last budget bill passed was in 2010. That’s right, 2010 and a senate and house controlled by the democrat party with a democrat president passed it. Since 2010 the democrats lost the house control and they could not do more than be an obstructnest to bills proposed by the republicans by introducing amendments. When bills were passed to the senate then democrat majority leader Harry Reid would not allow any awkward bills or amendments to be introduced in the senate. Harry did not want any bills that could embarrass a democrat senator or be allowed to proceed to the democrat president and require him to veto the bill, painting the president as an obstructionist, a title the democrats have tried to reserve for republicans.

When the 2010 democrat budget was passed it was a hailed in the press as “breakthrough” overcoming “republican obstructionist” with sound arguments for supporting the budget and by inference the presidents plans. Over the years from 2011 on until yesterday the press simply said that the republicans were putting road blocks in front of democrat budget programs out of spite, not because they lacked a rationale objective.

Today I saw the first report on the republican 2016 budget bill that passed yesterday. It wasn’t page one it was page three and according to the Washington Tribune they described the bill as largely symbolic and said it would probably be vetoed by the president, and of course it will be. The story outlined how the specific dollar request associated with this bill for the budget to achieve its goals will be nullified. The article goes on to state that republican plan can only be accomplished through “accounting gimmicks and questionable revenue assumptions.” What else would we expect from the mainstream press?

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