Ruth Marcus

Ruth Marcus is a democrat party activist posing as unbiased reporter for the “New York Times.”

On the Sunday morning talk show “Meet the Press” Ruth Marcus participated as a panel member, something she has done frequently. Yesterday Chuck Todd, host of the “Meet the Press” program was interviewing republican presidential candidate Carly Florina. Chuck of course was in his usual attacking mode when interviewing any conservative candidate. He started by asking Carly why she had fired 30,000 people when she combined the two companies H-P and Compaq in a merger, why the board of directors of H-P had fired her and why she lost the run for senate against Barbara Boxer in California? He did not ask what policies she would follow if she were elected president or he position on gay marriage. He did note that she did not have any foreign policy experience or political office experience. Carly handled all of the questions deftly and got in a swipe at Hillary by talking about trusting people in the government. All in all knowing Chuck would do a hatchet job on her she handled the questions well. At the end of the interview the network went to commercial break [I mention this because it gave the panel members time to consider the interview and form a position on Carly’s answers.] Upon returning from the commercial break Chuck Todd turned to Ruth Marcus and suggested that Carly handled the questions reasonable well and wondered whether or not she could provide any legitimate opposition for Hillary. Ruth launched a tirade against Carly saying she was a business failure, insensitive with her “firing” of 30,000 employees and most of all not comparable to Hillary’s record of service to the country. Finally she said while she wants a female president it would not be Carly and by inference it would be Hillary. So much for the unbiased “New York Times” reporting.

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