Hope and Change

When Barack Obama ran for President of the United States in 2008 he used a very effective tool, the poster of “Hope and Change.” Actually the phrase was altered several times and in many different ways. Hope and Progress, Change you can believe in, hope is the future and several other edifications of the message. The message was almost Kennedy like in that it conveyed the hope of a fresh look at politics represented by a young appealing candidate. It wasn’t that the voters really expected the Obama administration to be the “Camelot” offered with the massaged message of positive changes in the future.

I can’t blame the voters for wanting hope and positive change but I do fault them for not looking closer at the candidate and seeing his real long-term objective. Voters failed to see the signs of his administration’s intent to put in place ambitious and costly programs generally referred to as public services. There is nothing sinister in these programs; they were actually in line with Barack’s beliefs. Barack did temper his belief his public pronouncements about his desire to get out of the Middle East at all costs, his obsession with closing Guantanamo Bay and creating major education programs [without concrete goals that would make the people educated in his programs turn their training into useful careers in engineering or the sciences.] Barack’s tempered his remarks during his first term, at least that period when he had both houses of congress under his control. He said that he wanted to reach across the isle to republicans for joint efforts but that was disproved when the health care plan now called Obamacare was forced down the throats of the republican members of congress by a straight democrat party line vote.

In Barack’s second term he tried to keep his personal objectives and goals hidden because he hoped that he could stop the gains the republicans had made in the house and threatened to make in the Senate. When the republicans won the senate and added to their strength in the house Barack abandoned all pretenses of wanting to work together with the republicans and via executive order and any other methods available to him attempted to support his long-term goals and objectives for this country.

What are Barack’s long-term goals and objectives? Well we can only go on his actions and some inferences from his negotiations with foreign governments. I’m going to take a shot at the primary items crucial to Baracks plan.

1. An agreement with Iran to contain their nuclear weapons intentions, an important element in Baracks legacy.

2. Suppress the extremist Muslim terrorist like ISIL, Al Qaeda and splitter groups from launching 911 type attacks on our country during his remaining months in office. A 911-type attack would greatly harm Baracks legacy.

3. Whatever small piece he can salvage of his program to make illegal immigrants U.S. citizens.

4. Federally funded community colleges or their equivalents with an emphasis on social causes and community organization.

5. TPA with authorization for Obama to make secret agreements that will affect the country well beyond the end of this second term as President.

6. Reduction of our armed forces overseas and a foreign policy that emphases efforts in the long-term to lower our country’s profile in international affairs.

7. Leave behind a group of civil servants that will play a key role in the next presidents’ administration of laws and perpetuate a mandate of bigger government and larger social services programs.

8. Remove the remaining prisoners from Guantanamo to federal prisons or release them to “friendly” foreign governments.

9. Climate change legislation and importantly changing the minds of the average citizen to accept the idea that human activity causes a portion of the negative aspects of climate change is a long-term goal. This cause may well be Barak’s future endeavor in the form of a Clinton type foundation or a teaching assignment at an Ivy League university.

I will admit this is a very aggressive legacy but I think it is realistic that Barack will attempt to deliver on all of these nine points.

Note there is nothing in the legacy about jobs. Barack will make every effort to spin the numbers coming out of the government claiming job increases during his administration but there is no explanation for the very poor performance of the GDP and the general malaise of the average voter.

I believe Barack is very concerned about his legacy and unlike his performance in school where records can be altered or lost his performance and more importantly his agenda so clearly governed by a Fabianism [caution and avoidance of direct confrontation] approach to military conflict and collectivism when it comes to the direction of our country’s polices and procedures is impossible to hid from. I don’t think this is what the voters had in mind when they heard Hope and Change you can count on. I don’t think we knew the candidate as well as we thought we knew what we hoped might happen under his administration.

One final observation; Barack in an early meeting [2009] with democrat and republican congressional leaders pointed out to republican Paul Ryan that “elections have consequences” meaning he had won the election and his will would be prevailing. I just don’t know if voters expected the current consequences.

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