A good friend of mine sings in the Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church choir in Dallas Texas. The church has many outstanding musical programs during the year but last night it was Americana. This two-hour program features religious and patriotic choir and instrumentals performed at the highest level possible.

However the reason I’m writing about this excellent performance is because of what happened in one segment of the program, the Armed Forces Medley. The choir and orchestra join in playing and singing each of the armed services anthems. They invite those who served in each armed service to stand and sing their branch of the service song. In a church holding several hundred people the stand ups were numerous. I was at the back of the church in the balcony and suddenly a young man [probably early 30’s] came to the railing with his [approximately 4 year old] daughter who was singing and waving her American flag. She joined everyone in the church who had been given flags when they walked into the church. I marveled at the patriotic fervor of all those listening and singing in the audience and the pride those people expressed in their country.

What makes this an exceptional action is that it occurred in 2015. You see I was use to seeing this kind of enthusiasm in Michigan and Ohio where I grew up in the 1950’s. I hope this kind of pride in our nation is occurring not just in Dallas Texas but all over the country.

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