Mika Brezezinski is co-host of “Morning Joe” and the epitome of the east cost liberal snob. Her attitude is a direct result of her fathers influence. Zbigniew Brezezinski is a left wing liberal and was the National Security Director for the Carter administration, probably the worst presidential administration in modern history.

Joe Scarborough is a true RINO [republican in name only] and sways with the popular public opinion regardless of what the facts may be.

Jose Biaz-Balart is passionate about Hispanic issues but his interest fades when political subjects center on administrative issues, budgets, etc.

Tamron Hall is great on the “Today Show” but her true beliefs come through when she has her own morning show on MSNBC and touts her racist, left wing political leanings.

Andrea Mitchell is the unabashed flag carrier for Hillary in the 2016 presidential election. Andrea thinks that women in all political offices will save our honor and our country. I reference my article in March this year on “A woman as President of the United States” where I point out that there are three female presidents in south America, each started with high popularity in their regimes and now were at the lowest popularity ratings in their respective careers. This is happening not because they were women but because they were failing as presidents of their respective countries.

Thomas Roberts would fit rights European news operations where they have readers.

Alex Wagner is a racist of the highest order and a true team mate of Al Sharpton another “anchor” host for MSNBC.

Ed Schultz is MSNBC’s effort to have a “blue collar” host with real people feel. Of course the management of MSNBC are left wing elitist and can’t possibly know what “real people” are and how they think.

Chris Matthews is the man with the tingle in his leg for President Obama and is so far left he is occasionally admonished by MSNBC management to temper his reports. Chris was a high level member of the democrat party and has not given any indication he can be “fair and balanced” as Fox News claims they are.

In a nation of 325 million people MSNBC reaches 359,000 people on average each quarterly hour during their daytime schedule. You might say MSNBC is too small to count but the left wing, racist, hate speech gains space in the newspapers and time on the air with mainstream media so they are a risk to getting balanced political news coverage.

Now here is the big news, Brian “the liar” Williams is being sent down to MSNBC, very much like leaving the major leagues in baseball to a farm team, in this case MSNBC. I wonder how Chris Matthews who views himself as a major player in the political world feels knowing he is part of a farm club and “the liar” is joining his team?

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