Ever been disappointed?

As a conservative I was disappointed that SCOTUS did not over turn Obamacare, I truly believe it is a major step toward a universal health care format, a service that has been financially inefficient and lowered the standard of the quality of health care across all citizens that are dependent on state run health care. I was further disappointed when SCOTUS took the issue of same sex marriage out of the hands of the states and made it a federal all encompassing rule. I think Scalia said it all in his dissenting statement regarding the same sex marriage ruling. I’m not talking about the issue of same sex marriage, rather I’m concerned about the abuse of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Having expressed my disappointment I need to move on with a strategy that will focus conservative efforts on obtainable objectives and goals. I think my model will be borrowed from the business world in the form of “guerrilla marketing.”

Investopedia explains guerrilla marketing in the following fashion. Companies using guerrilla marketing rely on its in-your-face promotions to be spread through viral marketing or word-of-mouth, thus reaching a broader audience for free. The use of this tactic is not designed for all types of goods and services, and it is often used for more “edgy” products and to target younger consumers who are more likely to respond positively. I’m choosing to call this guerrilla action Self Defense Politics.

We have seen great strides in political actions driven by social media not unlike Obama’s campaign for President of the United States and it really worked. I know that my liberal [prefer to be called progressives] friends will ask the first question; what are the conservative ideas that pull the economy out of the doldrums, restore our country to a lead from the front power on the international front and encourage government fiscal responsibility?

My intention is to bring these ideas to the potential voters over the next fourteen months from my own research but from fellow conservatives. In fact I welcome conservatives with marketable ideas to contact me via my blog firefoxe.me, facebook or e-mail teamo1000@att.net and present those ideas so that I might practice Self Defense Politics.

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  1. OK. How about a tax cut idea. Eliminate the income tax on social security. Taxing a payment from the government has never made any sense to me other than its a way for the government to get their hands on money they can’t get directly. Tax cuts are a Conservative ideal and this one turns the tables on the Progressive’s strategy of handouts that they have used to buy votes. Eliminating this tax is an easy concept to explain, understand and makes for a great sound byte. Seniors would vote to support this tax cut. They would spend the tax savings in the private sector and that would help stimulate the economy.

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