The killing of Cecil

There is no question that the killing of Cecil the lion has out raged the public. The assassination of an innocent lion has caused citizens of this country to march in opposition to this “murder” as defined by the public. However no such cry’s of murder when the recently released video of an eleven-week old fetus’s body organs being sold. In fact on the Senate floor yesterday Patty Murray from the state of Washington made a speech pointing out that the harvest of organs would not affect the citizens of this country in support of PP because PP offered health care to women, a “right” that women have fought for and will not give up. Patty didn’t mention the word abortion in her firm statement that PP would not be unfunded despite as she described it “efforts by the Tea party” to unfund women’s health care. While I don’t know Patty’s position on taking the innocent life of Cecil the lion my bet is this “compassionate” democrat is outraged and is calling it a murder. However when it comes to these sick video’s of baby’s body parts recently harvested she is able to ignore this “murder for sale” in the name of the greater good of “women’s health.” By the way Patty in her statement from the Senate floor yesterday only referenced medical services and counsel for women but did not mention the 327,000 abortions [last year] PP performed. Of course others have noted that many of the non-abortion services Patty referenced were supposed to be covered by Obamacare and are therefore unnecessary services from PP.

My suggestion after seeing the three video’s mentioned was that we required by law that the harvest of baby organs from fetuses can not be allowed, it is too cruel. I would draw the comparison that while big game hunting with all of the licensing and fees is legal it should stop it. We should pass a “law” that does not allow harvesting baby organs from fetuses. I’m not calling for stopping abortions because I believe women should control their own body. However when a woman is in the midst of the traumatic process of having an abortion they should not have PP representatives whispering in her ear “donate your baby’s body parts so that others can be saved through stem cell research.” Much like killing Cecil the lion it is a step too far.

The Man from Beijing

In 2008 a book was released called The Man from Beijing, a convoluted murder/political mystery beginning with a mass slaying in Sweden and ending with a big time assassination attempt in London. In the middle of this story there is a connection with Chinese policies in the African continent centering on taking over large plots of land by negotiation or assassination to grow food crops for the Chinese people. To add insult to injury the Chinese plans call for the natives of these various African countries to till the soil, plant the crops and harvest them and then ship them to China. What is the purpose of recapping this story at this moment, President Obama is in Africa and one of his announced goals is to set new parameters for trade between African nations and the U. S. While the scenario in The Man form Beijing is fiction it would appear China’s goals and objectives in the African continent are fairly consistent with the story line in this mystery novel. We need to hope that President Obama is committed to our deep involvement in the development of trade and cultural relations with these African nations to thwart China’s ambitions in the African continent.

Body parts sales

I have always been a supporter of the right to abortion because I have always believed that a woman has the right to control what happens to her body. I was naive in that I didn’t know Planned Parenthood harvested body parts from these aborted fetuses. When I saw the undercover interviews with executives from PP I was sickened. I don’t know what the parts are used for and I don’t care. I chose to believe that the fetuses were disposed of in a dignified manner [shame on me] and I would like to see actions taken with PP that force them to treat aborted fetuses with the dignity I referenced irregardless of the profits PP may have to forgo. I hope you will join me in asking for this government action by contacting your state and federal government officials.

I’ve noted that the three major TV networks have not covered this story and I assume it is because they are pro-abortion as I am but afraid this ugly story might encourage anti-abortion groups to press further for no government funded abortions. They are cowards!

I’m confused, are you?

In almost every TV Newscast, newspaper, radio talk show and politically driven magazine we are told that our young people are being radicalized by ISIS and other terrorist groups on the Internet and in social media. Now I use the Internet and social media but I have no idea how to see or read any radical messages from any group or organization. Of course I realize that young people like my children and grand children are better at using the Internet and social media available to everyone than some one of my age. Still I yearn for specifics about what the “bad guys” are saying or doing to cause a young person to kill five members of the military as happened this last week.

I’m suggesting to our political leaders, The FBI, The NSA, the military, homeland security, state and local police that they record messages from terrorist groups directed to young people in our country and play them on mainstream media with explanations of the underlining messages. Use the mainstream media to educate people like me so that we can spot words, phrases, sounds that are perpetuating radical terrorist ideas and concepts. Don’t you think this kind of information would help the average American citizens to be alerted to the tools terrorist are using to capture our youth?

A story about the truth

A story today in the Star-Telegram [Ft. Worth TX] about two dozen of Clinton’s volunteer fundraisers who collected at least $100,000 have ties to Wall Street while federal lobbyists collected more than $2 million for her campaign.

The article points out that Clinton has attempted to cast herself as a crusader for economically struggling Americans, but sources of her contributions to her presidential campaign could undermine that.

I believe the story is really about the failure of the mainstream media to jump on this kind of a story. In particular this story given that this same media has decried the power of money in modern day politics. This story was on page 11 not on the front page, as you would expect. It seems the press wants to orchestrate stories to achieve the political objectives they, the press thinks is best for the country.

He was determined

President Obama was determined to broker a non-proliferation nuclear deal with Iran. Despite the many observations by his political opposition that the Presidents driving force was and still is his legacy, I don’t believe that was his primary motivation. I believe he really wants to be the author of this break through deal because it reflects his basic political beliefs and objectives. Now it will be his legacy whether he intended it or not and I bet he will succeed in getting the agreement through congress.

However if the congress votes against the agreement and is able to overcome a presidential veto he will still be known as the man who against all odds in his own country reached an agreement that would in theory prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. This might be better for his legacy than actually having the agreement. It is easier to talk about what might have been than to talk about what actually happens.
This is especially true when you consider what will happen if the deal goes into effect given the attendant “work” that verification and confirmation requires with the less than trustworthy Iranian leadership.

Should the deal prove to have major holes in it and does allow Iran to go ahead with it’s terrorist objectives including creating nuclear weapons it will require a lot of explaining by Obama supporters. In all likelihood President Obama will justify in the press any glitches that might occur during the remainder of his term of office but then what will happen?

When a new President is elected, whether it is a democrat or republican Obama’s actions will face a new level of scrutiny. It might go on for many years eroding history’s view of the judgment of Obama in brokering the nuclear deal with Iran.

Whether it goes either way, rejection of the agreement by the congress and Obama speculating on “what might have been” or activated with all the scrutiny that goes with the day-to-day implementation it will be his legacy. It might be, probably will be a painful examination year after year by the press and political opponents if the deals stays in place.

There will be a great deal of finger pointing at Obama if Iran follows its history of deception and misrepresentation and I’m convinced they will follow that pattern.

Revisiting a Novella

This week in the “Wall Street Journal” there is an article by Leslie Scism entitled “AIG Gets Legal Victory in “Life Settlement” Suit.” The idea of people selling their life insurance policies because they can’t afford the ever-increasing premiums is logical.  The premiums go up as one gets older.   looking to sell their policy for a cash settlement for part of the insurance policy face value and forgoing the monthly or quarterly premiums makes sense. Another reason for selling these life insurance policies is that many people who were making excellent money suddenly found those resources drying up and they needed money to pay unexpected hospital or medical bills and in some cases helping their children. Whatever the reasons for selling life insurance policies it has become a big business and when you have big business opportunities you invite potential fraud.

In Leslie’s story AIG shows 18 billion dollars with net death benefits. To give you an idea someone with a 1 million dollar life insurance policy successfully sells that policy to an insurance organization getting $300,000 and is free of any further insurance premiums because the organization buying life insurance policy will pay that premium until the orginal owner dies. The company collects the 1 million dollar life insurance payment and ends expensive premium payments. Just as a point of information a quarterly payment [which will go up each quarter] can be in the $5000 range for a person who is between 70-75. As I said before not having to pay $20,000 plus a year to maintain your life insurance policy is a great incentive to sell that life insurance policy. They also free themselves from premium payments and have cash in hand to pay for health care bills or other expenses.

Now my purpose is referencing this WJS story is because about three years ago I wrote a novella called Actuarial Casino [renamed No Option] that covers the greed and financial traps a person can experience when attempting to buy individuals life insurance policies with the intent of make huge profits…..if all things go as you plan. If you would like to read this novella free please contact me at my blog; or via my e-mail address and I will send you a copy electronically.