I’m confused, are you?

In almost every TV Newscast, newspaper, radio talk show and politically driven magazine we are told that our young people are being radicalized by ISIS and other terrorist groups on the Internet and in social media. Now I use the Internet and social media but I have no idea how to see or read any radical messages from any group or organization. Of course I realize that young people like my children and grand children are better at using the Internet and social media available to everyone than some one of my age. Still I yearn for specifics about what the “bad guys” are saying or doing to cause a young person to kill five members of the military as happened this last week.

I’m suggesting to our political leaders, The FBI, The NSA, the military, homeland security, state and local police that they record messages from terrorist groups directed to young people in our country and play them on mainstream media with explanations of the underlining messages. Use the mainstream media to educate people like me so that we can spot words, phrases, sounds that are perpetuating radical terrorist ideas and concepts. Don’t you think this kind of information would help the average American citizens to be alerted to the tools terrorist are using to capture our youth?

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