Body parts sales

I have always been a supporter of the right to abortion because I have always believed that a woman has the right to control what happens to her body. I was naive in that I didn’t know Planned Parenthood harvested body parts from these aborted fetuses. When I saw the undercover interviews with executives from PP I was sickened. I don’t know what the parts are used for and I don’t care. I chose to believe that the fetuses were disposed of in a dignified manner [shame on me] and I would like to see actions taken with PP that force them to treat aborted fetuses with the dignity I referenced irregardless of the profits PP may have to forgo. I hope you will join me in asking for this government action by contacting your state and federal government officials.

I’ve noted that the three major TV networks have not covered this story and I assume it is because they are pro-abortion as I am but afraid this ugly story might encourage anti-abortion groups to press further for no government funded abortions. They are cowards!

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