The Man from Beijing

In 2008 a book was released called The Man from Beijing, a convoluted murder/political mystery beginning with a mass slaying in Sweden and ending with a big time assassination attempt in London. In the middle of this story there is a connection with Chinese policies in the African continent centering on taking over large plots of land by negotiation or assassination to grow food crops for the Chinese people. To add insult to injury the Chinese plans call for the natives of these various African countries to till the soil, plant the crops and harvest them and then ship them to China. What is the purpose of recapping this story at this moment, President Obama is in Africa and one of his announced goals is to set new parameters for trade between African nations and the U. S. While the scenario in The Man form Beijing is fiction it would appear China’s goals and objectives in the African continent are fairly consistent with the story line in this mystery novel. We need to hope that President Obama is committed to our deep involvement in the development of trade and cultural relations with these African nations to thwart China’s ambitions in the African continent.

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