The killing of Cecil

There is no question that the killing of Cecil the lion has out raged the public. The assassination of an innocent lion has caused citizens of this country to march in opposition to this “murder” as defined by the public. However no such cry’s of murder when the recently released video of an eleven-week old fetus’s body organs being sold. In fact on the Senate floor yesterday Patty Murray from the state of Washington made a speech pointing out that the harvest of organs would not affect the citizens of this country in support of PP because PP offered health care to women, a “right” that women have fought for and will not give up. Patty didn’t mention the word abortion in her firm statement that PP would not be unfunded despite as she described it “efforts by the Tea party” to unfund women’s health care. While I don’t know Patty’s position on taking the innocent life of Cecil the lion my bet is this “compassionate” democrat is outraged and is calling it a murder. However when it comes to these sick video’s of baby’s body parts recently harvested she is able to ignore this “murder for sale” in the name of the greater good of “women’s health.” By the way Patty in her statement from the Senate floor yesterday only referenced medical services and counsel for women but did not mention the 327,000 abortions [last year] PP performed. Of course others have noted that many of the non-abortion services Patty referenced were supposed to be covered by Obamacare and are therefore unnecessary services from PP.

My suggestion after seeing the three video’s mentioned was that we required by law that the harvest of baby organs from fetuses can not be allowed, it is too cruel. I would draw the comparison that while big game hunting with all of the licensing and fees is legal it should stop it. We should pass a “law” that does not allow harvesting baby organs from fetuses. I’m not calling for stopping abortions because I believe women should control their own body. However when a woman is in the midst of the traumatic process of having an abortion they should not have PP representatives whispering in her ear “donate your baby’s body parts so that others can be saved through stem cell research.” Much like killing Cecil the lion it is a step too far.

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