Who’s mad at the Donald?

It may well be the Republican Party, cable and traditional network television reporters and pundits but it isn’t the democrat party. Does “the Donald” hit a responsive cord with conservatives when claiming that being “politically correct” is an obsession with the mainstream media, cable commentators and left leaning pundits?

Actually comments or policies that reporters can criticize as politically incorrect provides ammunition to create a negative picture of a candidate or current elected official. I believe the mainstream media reporters use the “gotcha” PC questions to bring potential candidates to their respective knees and the public sees this approach for what it is, a tool for the press to put candidates [Republicans] on the defense. When Trump refused to be put on the defense reporters got angry and you could see the order of questions provided by the Fox News for Trump were “I gotcha” questions for the purpose of making his candidacy politically incorrect. I think anyone can imagine how frustrating Trumps’ refusal to be intimidated by PC questions was to the media elite and it is a real threat to the media’s collective power to control the political dialogue of this country.

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