Inside the park home run

It’s Tuesday night and it is a regular season game between team Democrat and team U.S. There were no playoffs involved or any league records on the line. It is the bottom of the fifth inning and the home team Democrats are up to bat. Clinton is at bat hitting from the left side of the plate. On the first pitch Clinton swings and hits a blooper off the end of the bat into short right field. The second baseman for the U.S. team thinks the right fielder will be able to get the ball on a full run. Clinton known as a good base runner took off and was around second when it became clear the right fielder for the U.S. wasn’t going to reach the blooper, the second basement then began a frantic run to catch the ball but Clinton reached out on the run and pulled the second base players pants down, stopping him from getting to the ball. Clinton resumed his base running and the outfielder that had shut down when he saw his second base teammate going after the blooper resumed his run to get the ball. By the time the right fielder got the ball Clinton was heading for third. The right fielder made a hard throw on the run to the short stop covering third base and threw it over his head. Fortunately the third baseman was backing the shortstop up and snagged the throw. He wheeled in time to throw the ball to home plate just as Clinton was sliding into the plate in a cloud of dust. Suddenly the umpire called “Safe!” and the Democrat manager ran from the dugout to congratulate Clinton on an inside the park home run.

The Manager of the U.S. team ran from the dugout crying foul. He said that Clinton had pulled the pants down of his second baseman thus preventing him from catching the blooper. As the home team the Democrats had control of the video of the game and when the tape was called for there was a gap in that tape covering this specific play. The first base umpire was concentrating on the efforts of the right fielder to catch the blooper and says he did not see the interaction between the second baseman and Clinton.
Now everyone in the park saw the actions of Clinton and the second baseman. Not surprisingly the Democrat fans said they didn’t see anything wrong [with a wink of the eye] and of course the U.S. fans were outraged but could do nothing about the inside the park home run. The score stood. That is what is going to happen with Hillary and the alleged abuse of secret government e-mails on her server. As usual Democrat supporters are saying it is a “right wing conspiracy” and Republicans are “outraged” with little or no recourse. Conservatives don’t control the umpire or the “league” rules and whatever issues there are will be buried by unending delays or diversions of investigations by federal authories until after the election in 2016. The dems will say, “boy those Clintons are pretty shrewd and they always win.”

However before Democrats lick their lips in a sign of success they should remember that the questions regarding buying influence by countries and corporations with contributions to the Clinton “charity” foundation is still to be investigated. This investigation will occur much closer to the actual election and it will be much more difficult for the mainstream media to soft-pedal the potential investigations. Maybe this time the Clinton power base will get tripped up.

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