Global Warming

The Star-Telegram out of Ft. Worth Texas has a section titled “Nation & World,” in essence to feed one-column recaps of stories on the world or national basis. This section is in the middle or toward the back of the first section of the paper. It is a fair generalization to say the editors of the paper do not find these stories interesting to them or they might not want to put too great an emphasis on a particular story. On page 12 of the Thursday August 12, 2015 edition of the Star-Telegram was a small story from Bloomberg News titled “Islamic Leaders to issue climate change call.” It was an announcement that “it is the religious duty of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims to fight global warming. The declaration will be made in Istanbul next Thursday.” Now I know this will make President Obama happy as he pursues his legacy program of “fighting” global warming. However it may also backfire. First there is the question of whether or not the Muslim radical extremist will adhere to the call from their religious leaders to help quell global warming, will it cause them to stop blowing up buildings or their most current trick of digging holes, filling them with explosives then covering that hole. Finally they force Christians to sit on the bombsite and then they detonate the explosives blowing the Christians up, literally and tape the process for Youtube releases. I wonder if our President will call for a meeting with the Muslim extremist on global warming a cause he has in common with the Muslim religions so that he can reduce the number of public bombings?

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