The Donald is crazy

Donald Trump is crazy, crazy smart by taking advantage of the average persons disgust with a “politically correct” world as dictated by the mainstream media. The average person doesn’t know a lot about illegal immigrants, even when they live next door to them and interact on a casual basis. They don’t really know how eleven million plus illegal immigrants got into the country but they may resent their tax dollars going to support these aliens even if they don’t know how much of their money goes to this support.

The average person dislikes a politician because they have consistently made promises that would ease the life of the average person and consistently failed to deliver. The average person may blame the politician by political party siding with the party their parents or other family members have supported at the polls for decades. The unhappiness with political parties is consistent with both major parties and maybe more importantly voters who are declaring by their actions to be independent voters.

The average person feels uncomfortable with the idea that our country is no longer leading the world from a moral or military might standpoint. They are suspicious of the idea that we can “lead from behind.” They are suspect of the administration’s reluctances to address the radical assassinations, bombings, beheadings by Muslim extremist.

The average person doesn’t trust the pending agreement with the Iranians because of their memory of the take over of our embassy in 1979 and subsequent stories of the Iranian leaderships obsession with destroying Israel and saying death to America. The average person doesn’t want another war in the Middle East or for that matter any place. The average person thinks we as a country have consistently miscalculated the wisdom of entering or starting wars where we consistently lose American lives and leave the country or area on a stalemate basis, with a huge costs in lives and dollars.

The average person may have never or just casually heard of Iron babies, LGBT, Black lives matter and the many other special interest groups. These are the groups that the mainstream media is using to impose their political correctness standards on candidates for public office or a position in the administration.

The Donald has capitalized on all of these issues by simply saying, “I’m not playing by your rules” to the press. When Donald does this he draws cheers from the average person not because they like the Donald but because they identify with the frustrations they feel about the issues presented by the mainstream media as “facts.” Facts that must be addressed if a person is going to be in an elected office or part of a government administration.

Let’s address the PC issue since it plays such an important role in the mainstream media’s control of answers from potential government office holders.

There are 318,857,056 people in the United States today. [According to the U.S. census bureau] with whites 77.7, Hispanics 17.6, black 13.2 and Asians 5.3 percent of the population. If you adjust whites to an undiluted number [no mixed whites] the number is 62.6.

There have been many claims about the size of the GLBT community but the one that seems to be unbiased is from a professor Engene Volokh from the UCLA School of Law. His research says; that 1.6% of the U.S. population is gay or lesbian with an additional 0.7% undeclared. This means that about 5.1 million people in this country are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual.

If you look at the press coverage of the LGBT community you must admit they dominate many news stories and provide major issues for the government and the people to address. The issue of religious marriages between same sex people has swept the country and the courts and rocked traditions of our citizens.

The press has managed to make the preferences of approximately 5.1 million people a major moral and legal issue in this country. The press by pressuring politicians and potential politicians with politically correct positions on what might be consider moral issues can control the direction if not the outcome of national elections. Do we want 1.6% of our nations population to control our direction or more importantly do we want the mainstream press with an agenda to control our lives? Let’s take back our government and the moral high ground by giving due consideration to the 5.1 million people who are LGBT but supporting programs and laws that are in the best interest of 318 million plus that make up the majority of our country.

So is Donald crazy? Donald is crazy like a fox when it comes to understanding the frustrations that a PC press is using to manipulate our governments future. He is calling the press out by refusing to be intimidated with PC questions and allegiances or alliances he has to protect as he runs for office. The press is stammering and stumbling to bring “the Donald” under control and so far they are failing. However don’t forget the reason, it is because the average person is tired of being pushed around in elections and in the courts by PC issues.

However Donald is crazy on another front. He will not as President be able to build a wall between us and Mexico. He will not be able to cancel the Iran nuclear deal. He will not be able to deport 11 million plus illegal aliens. He will not be able to dictate the eradication of the Muslim extremist. You may ask why I’m so certain that if he is elected president he will not be able to accomplish his frequently spoken goals. The reason is two fold, first he will not be elected president and secondly if he had been elected president he would not have been able to act as a dictator since our form of government is carefully separated for a balance of power. Thank God our constitution set the rules in place 226 years ago and not even “The Donald” can change that.

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