Give them credit

Hillary and the democrat operatives have been flustered by the drip, drip of emails impugning her honesty. The operatives have been searching for a plan to respond. There is no question the emails have a demeaning affect on Hillary’s campaign. Just witness the number one word assigned to her by the public in a recent survey, liar! But as my friend in NYC is prone to say, not so fast!

Today, just two days after the most recent Hillary email dump from State Department the mainstream media has found a plan. They have found a way to deflect the serious charges against Hillary emerging from the emails. The mainstream media {NBC, MSNBC, CBS so far] are concentrating on the human interest aspects of the e-mail released. For example, the gefilte fish email, questions about how to charge her I pad, press releases on fashion, etc. By addressing social issues the press deflects from the serious issues in the emails and the impact will be less threatening to Hillary’s campaign for President of the United States.

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