Old saw

There is a claim by many conservatives that the mainstream media is supportive of the liberal left, to a fault. It is an “old saw” and yet it is understandable when you see how the press handles democrat administration programs that are unpopular with the public as indicated in national polls.

Obamacare leads the list of unpopular programs pushed through the congress when democrats controlled both the house and the senate. Today there is a story by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar of the Associated Press [AP] titled “Cadillac healthcare tax could hurt middle class.” This lengthy article rehashes the key issues that the “Cadillac tax” has two purposes; to act as a brake on healthcare spending and to raise money for covering the uninsured. Most so called Cadillac plans are employer provided but due to the tax structure set up under Obamacare many or most employers must pass on the costs of these plans to the employee in essence causing them to drop said plan. There is nothing new in this reporting other than the fact that the full affects on U.S. citizens who have the Cadillac plan will feel the new, higher costs in 2016. It is an important fact that highlights a costly aspect of Obamacare and something that the liberal press doesn’t really want to bring to the public’s attention. And so this four-column story appeared on page 16 of my local paper and further back on major market newspapers. Interestingly Hillary Clinton says she would re-examine the tax if elected President, not even that statement could get this story on the front page where it belongs.

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