Too much noise

Trumps polling growth, Ben Carson’s spurt in popularity, Hillary’s fall in the polls and Bernie’s large audience turnouts along with the uncertainness of Joe’s decision to run or not run is making lots of noise and little sense. Media pundits are coming unglued by their own uncertainty about why all of this is happening. The only thing that seems certain is the publics has had it with a discombobulated set of government policies and practices and they attribute the problem to politicians.

I was listening to a voice from the not too different past, former senator Tom Colburn who chose not to run for re-election. He was being interviewed by CNN about the unique Trump/Carson poll performance. Interestingly Tom said that he was particularly impressed by Carly Fiiorina’s performance [full discloser I’ve endorsed Carly as my choice for the party’s nomination] and thought she had a good head on her shoulders. He said he wasn’t endorsing any candidate at this point but thought she should perform well in tomorrow night’s Republican debate on CNN.

Tom explained in this CNN interview that he choice to not run because he believed based on his experience in the senate that the administration and the congress were incapable of making tough decisions to address the country’s huge debt and the pending failure of so many “essential” programs like veterans benefits, Medicare, etc. He attributed this failure to politicians who looked at decisions that would get them re-elected rather than be the best thing for the country. Tom has proposed calling on article V of the U.S. Constitution.

Tom worked hard while he was in congress to expose waste [the $100 wrenches, etc] and was ignored by fellow members of congress. The one exception was the VA exposing pain for the vets and huge waste by the government. Among the things he wants to do is impose term limits on members of congress and some cabinet members. This sounds good because it might cause elected officials to vote for what is in the best interest of the country as opposed to the elected member looking for support in his/her re-election bid. The problem is where term limits have been imposed the power has passed from the elected officials to civil servants who have the same motive for manipulating election outcomes to feather their bed which does not have a term limit. I’ve seen it in Michigan and the elected officials work “for” the civil servants and with good cause because when the term in office is over they will become lobbyist and they will need access to the elected officials via their civil service support staff, the real power. There are other things Tom would like to restrict via the proposed convention but I don’t believe it will work. The idea of getting three fourths of the states to agree to any major changes is very unlikely.

Tom is right about the public’s attitude toward politicians and the failure of both parties to put the good of the country in front of the ideologies of their parties or party leaders. There is so much cover available to elected officials and both political parties are prone to cover up for their own that ferreting out wrong doing and making changes in personal is almost impossible. The truth is we need men and women of honor who will at all costs to their own respective parties vote for and implement laws, polices and procedures to achieve these lofty goals. Have you found them yet, I’m inclined to believe that the upheaval in public polling is a direct fear of the “great unwashed” saying “enough all ready” we are going with our gut feel and political correctness been damned, full speed ahead for the guy or gal who most closely reflects what we care about for ourselves and our families not what the media or politically correct organizations desire.

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