Face the Nation

Sunday morning I watched the CBS show “Face the Nation.” I stopped my channel switching on this show because the host John Dickerson was just starting an interview with Hillary Clinton. John noted this was Hillary’s first appearance on “Face the Nation” in four years. Frankly I thought Hillary did an excellent job in the interview and appeared to have facts and figures to back her contentions.

Monday morning I revisited the Hillary “Face the Nation” interview and realized that key issues like the server in her home and using her personal e-mail address for government business weren’t really answered. For example when John asked her about the server she claimed, “It was authorized by the U.S. State department. I realized John did not ask the logical follow up question; who at the State department authorized the server in your home? In fact as I thought about it there were no follow up questions that could have put Hillary on the spot, why not?

While I feel John Dickerson is a weak replacement as a host for “Face the Nation” I never thought of him as less than a aggressive reporter/host. Then I found out why there were no follow up questions. On the MSNBC “Morning Joe” show Steve Rattner, billionaire supporter of Obama and the democrat party launched an attack on Carly Forina and her business failings saying that “everyone” knew she was a business failure.” Joe responded’ how do you know what everyone thinks.” This lead to Steve using Hillary as an example of standing on a record that was solid and referencing her appearance on “Face the Nation.” To my total surprise Mika and Joe attacked the “Face the Nation” show pointing out that there were no follow up questions to Hillary. Steve said that was the fault of the host and Mika and Joe attacked Steve again. Mika said that they knew what happened because they were exposed to the same set of problems with Hillary’s people in preparing for an interview on MSNBC. The said that Hillary’s people insisted on certain amounts of time for each question with limited number of follow up questions. Suddenly I remembered that Hillary was not asked about the Clinton foundation and donations associated with favors from Hillary in exchange for those donations. It makes sense that Hillary both feels that she can limit the questions and the follow-ups in order to avoid unpleasant exchanges. To John Dickerson and CBS I say shame on you for ducking your responsibilities to your viewers by not pursuing tough follow up questions and asking questions of Hillary about the Clinton fund. Sooner or later the questions about the Clinton fund and favored nation treatment by Hillary of those who did donate to the fund will be asked.

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