Our own Foreign Legion

I don’t know if you noticed that in the recent conversations regarding the question of whether or not we have troops on the ground in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq the issue was two fold. First did a U.S. soldier dieing in a rescue raid in Afghanistan constitute “boots on the ground” and is 9800 troops being left in Afghanistan too few to be effective. What is seldom mentioned in this debate is the role of the “contractors.” I call them our own Foreign Legion although they are paid much better than the actual Foreign Legion based in French territory.

While it is seldom mentioned you may have occasionally heard a reporter reference the fact that in the case of Afghanistan there are three “contractors” for every soldier serving on the ground. Think about, three contractors for every soldier or in the case of Afghanistan with 9800 U.S. soldiers you have almost thirty thousand contactors or as I call them our own “foreign Legion.” Not all of these contractors are combat ready troops but most are. They are mercenaries being paid very well and they are in fact support troops governed by very strict U.S. rules of engagement…. maybe.

The one part of these two questions, are there U.S. boots on the ground in the middle east is easy, of course they are and have been in covert operations for many years. Regarding the “Foreign Legion” troops as I call the contractors, why don’t we just create an official foreign legion as a government agency and perform the “kill campaigns,” doing so with government pay and government rules and regulations. No, it won’t work we need to keep the contractors performing covert operations that keep our “military finger” in the Middle East fight.

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