“To forgive the terrorists is up to god, to send them to him is up to me.”

The above quote is a recent one from Vladimir Putin and while it isn’t new it is telling. It poses another question for me; who will be the first in the western world to suggest that we stop our bombings of ISIS and pursuit of Al Qaeda in hopes that these two terrorist organizations will stop their killings and torture of Christians, non-violent Muslims and other minorities?

I think it is safe to say that someone will suggest and probably quickly that capitulating to the terrorist is the practical political action to stop the carnage. That suggestion will be followed immediately by attempting to engaging the terrorist in “Peace talks” with an up front offering of billions of dollars to help the terrorist “adjust to a peaceful life.” Of course the talks won’t work but the far left politicians in all western countries will try to explain that more money and more talks will work…. horse feather’s!

I’m not advocating sending any specific number of U.S. troops to the middle east but I am suggesting that until we understand there is no rationale way to convince the radical Muslim terrorist to stand down we are at war with them, period. My belief is that we can and should win the war but it will only occur when we have leadership in the country that has pride in this country and a nose for leadership here and around the world.

The most important policy, political, social issue of the decade

Trans-Pacific Partnership contents were released and the press and political machines are jumping on the agreement as the key issue that Obama faces in his second term in office. I believe this is the most important issue Obama faces in his entire presidency and beyond that.

Both political parties fight over the effort to create jobs for our citizens. Both parties fail to recognize that the problem is global marketing. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not global marketing is a fact of our life. In the effort to accelerate the communication process in the world, to spread the use of new technologies across the world, to lower the cost of providing water and power to third world countries global marketing has become the galloping “Headless Horsemen” of world business.
The fact is that global marketing has opened the door to very low labor costs in third world countries [and some modern countries] that make competition by U.S. manufacturing at cost effective rates impossible. American workers cannot survive on the wages it would take to be competitive on the world market.

Having acknowledged the facts of American workers income needs and the fact of third world labor there are no U.S. laws that can combat the efficiencies of global market realities.

It is interesting that the press starts each statement about the TPP with “Obama will have to depend on Republicans to pass the acceptance of the proposed TPP in Congress.” The question is why would Republicans support any effort by President Obama when he has gone out of his way to block any legislative efforts by the Republicans?

I have not been able to read the TPP agreement yet so I must go on speculation based on protests from unions and some corporate organizations that have read the TPP and are rejecting it out of hand.

My problem is that I cannot foresee any TPP agreement that would not in fact be driven by global marketing and therefore there cannot include contents that protect American workers from the reality of the market place. Further I do not see any change in the world marketing for the foreseeable future.

Therefore the question is will the congress, both parties be capable of addressing the TPP while recognizing the impact of global marketing is here to stay and all of the implications of lower world wide labor costs are fact?

Just suppose

At the moment “the Donald” is doing well in the many polls designed to reflect potential voters preference in the race to become the republican candidate for President of the U.S. in 2016.

Let’s suppose that he continues to do well in the polls but his competitors beat or tie him in several states and Mr. Trump’s path to the White House becomes uncertain, at least to Mr. Trump. What will he do?

I suggest that Mr. Trump will say this; I’ve realized that if I become President [which I’m certain I can do] it will cost my family because I would need to concentrate on the country’s needs rather than address my families business. Therefore I’m stepping down from the campaign to concentrate on managing my many companies that make up my vast wealth. I will announce an endorsement of one of my many competitors for the office of President in the near future and I want to thank the American public for their overwhelming support during my campaign. I also hope they will understand that I can do more for the country if I concentrate on my vast global business and continue to be successful in those ventures.

Exist “The Donald.”

Obervations on a hit piece

A friend of mine who is an avid democrat sent me an article written by Oren Jacobson who describes himself in the article as a student at DePaul seeking a masters in economics. I’ve made the point to this friend and all democrats that the author or source of the article contributes to the independence and authenticity of the content of any article or paper sent to me for comment or consideration. It turns out Oren; the independent thinking student from De Paul has in fact formed an exploratory committee to run for the democrat office in the third district of the state of Illinois that includes part of Chicago. Suffice to say that Oren’s motivations are much clearer in writing this article when you recognize his political objectives.

Skepticism of the independent content of the article aside I would like to respond to some of the comments and observations he did make in the article titled “Fiction can be Fun.”

Oren hits it on the head with an opening statement that “Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility even though they increased spending more than democrats.” This is why so many conservatives are looking at non-political candidates for President of the U.S. in 2016.

Oren’s shot at Reagan on federal debt ignores the fact that the net results of all of Reagan’s economical and political moves were greater gross revenues, solid jobs and satisfied citizens. Oren also used the term “worshipping at the “alter of St. Reagan” indicating he is less than unbiased in his approach to writing this article.

Oren goes on to chastise “The Donald” and Doctor Carson by dismissing their respective tax plans but since neither plan has been tried it is a little early for dismissing them…unless you happen to be an supporter of the democrat party.

Oren blasts Senators Cruz and Paul and says “our government borrowing costs which despite our challenges, remains low.” Oren then says, “compared to the rest of world we are still having “relatively” good economic conditions and a “somewhat” functional government. The key words he highlighted mask a world of financial problems for the current administration to say nothing of administrative management mistakes.

Oren says the administration’s polices keep-borrowing costs down, Hog Wash! The borrowing-cost are low because of the Fed and printing money by millions each month, circumstances that could crash our economy in days!

The balance of the article went on to criticize the republican candidates for president. One attack in particular was on Carly Fiorina. In the last “debate” Carly claimed that 92% of the jobs lost in the first four years of the Obama administration were women’s jobs. This weekend she corrected that saying the fact checkers were correct and that the 92% only applied to the first three and a half years of the Obama administration and that in the last six months there had been a growth in women’s jobs. Oren claims there were 416,000 jobs but then many of his claims are suspect so I would look for verification from an independent source. Interestingly the headline from MSNBC was that Carly admits her claims were false. No mention of the fact that her numbers and claims were correct for three and a half years of the administrations first term in office. In an effort to be honest with the public it is too bad Hillary couldn’t have admitted that her claim to the public that the attack in Benghazi was caused by a “video” was not true while she told her family and the President of Egypt the truth it was an organized attack by an Al Qaeda subset. It was better in her mind that the public didn’t know the truth with the next presidential election coming up in a few weeks when Obama had claimed the war against Al Qaeda was won and the terrorist were on the run.

Oren also uses the “8 million new jobs” claim while ignoring the 16 million that have lost their jobs and given up even trying to look for a job in a market without jobs. [Read my blog firefoxe.me #205 “No end in sight”] Jobs are just not there; we don’t have good job opportunities in today’s marketplace.

The net of Oren’s article is that his title is right on. Fiction can be fun and he certainly has explored a lot of that fiction in this hit piece on Republicans.