Just suppose

At the moment “the Donald” is doing well in the many polls designed to reflect potential voters preference in the race to become the republican candidate for President of the U.S. in 2016.

Let’s suppose that he continues to do well in the polls but his competitors beat or tie him in several states and Mr. Trump’s path to the White House becomes uncertain, at least to Mr. Trump. What will he do?

I suggest that Mr. Trump will say this; I’ve realized that if I become President [which I’m certain I can do] it will cost my family because I would need to concentrate on the country’s needs rather than address my families business. Therefore I’m stepping down from the campaign to concentrate on managing my many companies that make up my vast wealth. I will announce an endorsement of one of my many competitors for the office of President in the near future and I want to thank the American public for their overwhelming support during my campaign. I also hope they will understand that I can do more for the country if I concentrate on my vast global business and continue to be successful in those ventures.

Exist “The Donald.”

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