The most important policy, political, social issue of the decade

Trans-Pacific Partnership contents were released and the press and political machines are jumping on the agreement as the key issue that Obama faces in his second term in office. I believe this is the most important issue Obama faces in his entire presidency and beyond that.

Both political parties fight over the effort to create jobs for our citizens. Both parties fail to recognize that the problem is global marketing. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not global marketing is a fact of our life. In the effort to accelerate the communication process in the world, to spread the use of new technologies across the world, to lower the cost of providing water and power to third world countries global marketing has become the galloping “Headless Horsemen” of world business.
The fact is that global marketing has opened the door to very low labor costs in third world countries [and some modern countries] that make competition by U.S. manufacturing at cost effective rates impossible. American workers cannot survive on the wages it would take to be competitive on the world market.

Having acknowledged the facts of American workers income needs and the fact of third world labor there are no U.S. laws that can combat the efficiencies of global market realities.

It is interesting that the press starts each statement about the TPP with “Obama will have to depend on Republicans to pass the acceptance of the proposed TPP in Congress.” The question is why would Republicans support any effort by President Obama when he has gone out of his way to block any legislative efforts by the Republicans?

I have not been able to read the TPP agreement yet so I must go on speculation based on protests from unions and some corporate organizations that have read the TPP and are rejecting it out of hand.

My problem is that I cannot foresee any TPP agreement that would not in fact be driven by global marketing and therefore there cannot include contents that protect American workers from the reality of the market place. Further I do not see any change in the world marketing for the foreseeable future.

Therefore the question is will the congress, both parties be capable of addressing the TPP while recognizing the impact of global marketing is here to stay and all of the implications of lower world wide labor costs are fact?

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