“To forgive the terrorists is up to god, to send them to him is up to me.”

The above quote is a recent one from Vladimir Putin and while it isn’t new it is telling. It poses another question for me; who will be the first in the western world to suggest that we stop our bombings of ISIS and pursuit of Al Qaeda in hopes that these two terrorist organizations will stop their killings and torture of Christians, non-violent Muslims and other minorities?

I think it is safe to say that someone will suggest and probably quickly that capitulating to the terrorist is the practical political action to stop the carnage. That suggestion will be followed immediately by attempting to engaging the terrorist in “Peace talks” with an up front offering of billions of dollars to help the terrorist “adjust to a peaceful life.” Of course the talks won’t work but the far left politicians in all western countries will try to explain that more money and more talks will work…. horse feather’s!

I’m not advocating sending any specific number of U.S. troops to the middle east but I am suggesting that until we understand there is no rationale way to convince the radical Muslim terrorist to stand down we are at war with them, period. My belief is that we can and should win the war but it will only occur when we have leadership in the country that has pride in this country and a nose for leadership here and around the world.

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  1. “Some Christians have a devout conviction in select teachings of the Bible and are willing to die in support of their beliefs.”
    Now replace, Christian with Jihadist and Bible with Koran, and you will understand that logic will not prevail.

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