Citizens United

The democrat party may be split on some political issues but they have been united in their condemnation of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. The democrat’s contention is that with corporate money republicans [no mention of democrats] would be able to “buy” elective office. The President, Vice President, former majority leader of the senate have made the democrat’s contention that the Citizens United decision will ruin the elective process. Of course they are less vocal now that “the Donald” has run a six-month campaign spending less than a quarter of a million dollars with no corporate funds spent via packs. In fact the lame stream media is saying that money will not, I repeat will not play a role in the 2016 Presidential results. True Trump will spend approximately eight million dollars [of his own money] in January on the New Hampshire market but that is a drop in the bucket and belies the claims by the democrats that corporate packs will swing the election against them and the common man. Ask Jeb Bush if corporate pack money can swing an election.

The people who should be worried most by Trumps effectiveness without big political bucks are the congressional represents and the senators who have built “political fighting machines” off the contributions of corporate and individual contributions. I imagine current and hopeful office seekers are planning a marketing strategy that shows their donors they cannot support special interests of individuals and groups without large political contributions. The corporations, driven by lobbyist who’s very existence is threatened by the “Donald affect” of no political contributions will buckle and continue the flow of money, but maybe not quite as much as before. This is Probably wishful thinking on my part.

Why Trump?

At the risk of stating the obvious there is a large number of people in this country that identify with a strong Trump. Trump sneers at the politically correct press, demands aggressive action on major political issues like immigration and says unabashedly he will “get things done.” He says just trust him when he refuses to give specifics on how he will accomplish his aggressive promises. One CBS TV reporter marveled that “the public takes what they want from what he says and ignores the rest.” I would add that I think that CBS reporter was right on target but she didn’t go far enough with her question about the support of “the Donald.”

The reason Trump continues to have such fanatical support from average Americans is because they want to be proud of their country and they are tired of politicians dodging real questions with PC answers and they don’t get that from Trump.

Of course Trump doesn’t understand and the press won’t acknowledge that the real culprit is the federal civil service block that really runs our government. I was a supporter of term limits in Michigan as a way of preventing politicians from getting fat on government spending. I was wrong. I had reason to deal with Michigan senators and congressional representatives as well as state representatives on a medical device company I was part owner of. What I realized was that the state representatives looked to their career after elected office and left the day-to-day business to the career civil servants who would stay in their roles as expediters of legislation and most importantly implementation of the actual rules governing the state. I should also note that the term limited elected officials have found their best career path after elected office is as a lobbyist. As a lobbyist these former elected officials need access to those civil servants that were their former staff so they tend to be solstice of these people in anticipation of needing their access as lobbyist. The civil servants themselves at least in the state of Michigan and I suspect it is true in other states with term limits are not shy about using their power of access to gain support for special projects like charities or fund raisers for both parties. At the federal level I had dealings with the VA civil servants and faced the most arrogant government servants I’ve even encountered. I was already doing business with the VA for my medical device so it wasn’t’ a matter of getting into the flow it was a matter of expanding our activities. When the VA civil servants stonewalled me I went to my state senators and congressional representatives. These state representatives to our federal government explained that the VA was all-powerful and they would not go beyond writing a letter of inquiry that of course was ignored by the VA. I use my real life examples not to complain but to point out the shear power of civil servants at the state and federal level. I should also point out that government civil servants are very protective of their pay levels, retirement programs and unions where they apply. As democrats under Obama expanded federal services and hired more people the civil servants as a block have supported the administrations moves and philosophy. The public sees the arrogance of the Internal Revenue when questioned by house committee’s and the VA double talking services for veterans and they say; how do they get away with this bull!

No matter how popular Trump is with the average straight talking citizens he can’t IF HE BECOMES Presidents over come congress and more importantly the civil servant contingent of the Federal government, a large part of the 22,000,000 people who work for the federal government.

My belief is that the way to change the direction of the federal government is to vote for senatorial and congressional representatives that will reduce the impact on our everyday lives. As far as Trumps popularity It is totally understandable that straight talk makes a dent compared to the politically correct statements of the mainstream media. Do you remember the vice presidential candidate who called them “lame stream media,” maybe she was correct at least in this one observation.