Citizens United

The democrat party may be split on some political issues but they have been united in their condemnation of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. The democrat’s contention is that with corporate money republicans [no mention of democrats] would be able to “buy” elective office. The President, Vice President, former majority leader of the senate have made the democrat’s contention that the Citizens United decision will ruin the elective process. Of course they are less vocal now that “the Donald” has run a six-month campaign spending less than a quarter of a million dollars with no corporate funds spent via packs. In fact the lame stream media is saying that money will not, I repeat will not play a role in the 2016 Presidential results. True Trump will spend approximately eight million dollars [of his own money] in January on the New Hampshire market but that is a drop in the bucket and belies the claims by the democrats that corporate packs will swing the election against them and the common man. Ask Jeb Bush if corporate pack money can swing an election.

The people who should be worried most by Trumps effectiveness without big political bucks are the congressional represents and the senators who have built “political fighting machines” off the contributions of corporate and individual contributions. I imagine current and hopeful office seekers are planning a marketing strategy that shows their donors they cannot support special interests of individuals and groups without large political contributions. The corporations, driven by lobbyist who’s very existence is threatened by the “Donald affect” of no political contributions will buckle and continue the flow of money, but maybe not quite as much as before. This is Probably wishful thinking on my part.

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