Coordinated Conspiracy

There is no question that the media, mainstream and otherwise is part of the “stop Trump” campaign. The reason is a little more complex. The media is enraged over Trump’s success in minimizing their interpretation of what is politically correct. Further they are outraged by the fact that Trump’s success in poking fun at the establishment media is so well received by the public. This last fact, the public’s support of the attack on the media personalities is a very serious consideration for their individual careers and their future level of reporting integrity. If you accept this premise then you understand the actions these news personalities and their producers are taking to stop Trump.

You can see in the clips that are being shown of the republican candidates that Trump clips have been reduce in exposure and matched on a two or three to one basis by his competition. The media is concentrating on polls that “might be” interpreted as showing the public is growing in its rejection of Trump as a legitimate presidential candidate. In reading carefully selected “man on the street” interviews the reporters emphases each syllable in the state with a vindictiveness that cannot be heard without hearing a condemnation of Trump or his ideas. The reporters also take statements from the democrat and socialist candidates for president and edit them to emphasize the critizem of Trump. There is no question that the bias is clearly against Trump. It also clear that the reporter and producers/editors are in a mad scramble to save their reputations and maybe even careers. In the reporters and their bosses minds it is “Donald or the press,” hardly an objective team of unbiased reporting that is in the best interest of the American people.

Please don’t let the lame stream media win this battle and defeat this candidate by a conspiracy of pompous, opinionated and frequently poorly educated media. Make your decisions on the candidates free of the mainstream media conspiracies.

The Big Short

“The Big Short”

If you read the book or just saw the movie you will probably agree it is an accurate portrait of the bankers imagination and greed in developing these derivatives and exercising fraud.

But wait, if you saw the movie you may have noted one glaring absence of truth, the political role that was played in this devastating financial play, the greatest fraud in U.S. History.

There is no mention in the movie of federal agencies Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. A federal agency that orchestrated loans to people not capable of paying the mortgages, let alone showing income and equity to support the loan. Enter Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, major democrat party leaders intent on getting “every American” the right to buy their own home and then failing to make the payments required to allow them to keep those homes. It is a fact that these bankers without ethics would not have discovered the gold mine of derivatives if not urged by these politicians to provide a “chicken in every pot” or should I say a home for every person whether they could afford it or not.

Of course the logical question is why was the political element of this story left out of the movie. The answer is the producers and at least one of the executive producers Brad Pitt who in addition to raising funds for the production of the movie is also politically aligned with the democrat party and a financial supporter.

Hillary as President of the U.S. because she is a woman

In July of 2015 I wrote a blog on women as presidents and prime ministers of their respective countries. The purpose of the article was to make the point that just because they were women it did not make them smarter, wiser or less exposed to political pressures in their respective countries. Women are human beings and not less or more qualified to run a complex U.S. administration than their male counterparts.

One of the women presidents I referenced in that July 2015 blog is Dilma Rousseff President of Brazil. Ms. Rousseff in March of 2016 is currently under extreme pressure to resign or face impeachment. Her problems are not that much different from her male counterpart presidents or prime ministers in other countries. She is accused of corruption, falsifying budget numbers and mass graft. At a different level but also facing major problems because of her acceptance of immigrants into Germany is Angela Merkel and she will not be protected by the fact that she is a woman.

The issue is not if these women will survive but it is an object lesson for those who would offer Hillary up for president because she is a woman. If you intend to vote for Hillary do it because you have a rationale set of reasons, do not make it gender based.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Individuals or groups expressing the belief that their position is a foregone conclusion even before they know all the facts are often made fun of with the phase “Ready, Fire, Aim”. American media is adopting this approach in attacking the Trump voter rallies in cities across the country. Ganging up is an appropriate description of what all the media is doing including the “fair and balanced” Fox news network. Every report is slanted to make the violence or potential violence at Trump rallies the product of a “white race” resurgence driven by hatred, racism and the many other ism’s the liberals have used in the past to shame politicians and citizens into politically correct statements and yes a PC thought process. I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump, in fact I voted for Carly Fiorina but I decry the mob attack on Trump and Trump supporters and I’m pretty certain I know why they are happening.

Newspaper/magazines, TV/radio producers/editors and on air readers of the news have deep-seated opinions and prejudices. The opinions and to some degree the prejudices are the product of strongly liberal schools of journalism that populate our country. This liberal training is coupled with the effort of liberal leaning publishers and broadcaster to hire and develop writers and newsreaders that are black, Hispanic and LGBT proving to the public that they are supportive of these special interests groups having a “fair” say in the news discourse.

I can give you several examples of the built in prejudice developed through liberal education and “inherited” prejudices. During the protests in Chicago a black reporter in the field for MSNBC said he had heard “that Trump and Trump supporter are engaged in an effort to give the country back to the white race.” This was a stretch to believe since no spokesperson for Trump or Trump supporters have made this statement. Of course management of MSNBC and its owners NBC did not deny the statement from this reporter and the reporter did not reference where he had “heard” the statement. Another example that struck me was newsreaders taking statements that allegedly came from protesters and reading those statements with emphasis on each syllable making the statements even more dramatic that the original form. This strong, forceful reporting of statements taken in their original form made them seem even angrier and potentially more inflammatory. Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” said to Donald Trump that his claim that the fellow who rushed the stage and was restrained by the secret service was not a supporter of ISIS. Trump responded with “all I know is what we found on the Internet about this fellow.” Chuck said Donald’s statement was untrue. When Trump pointed out that the same individual was dragging the American flag on the ground and walking on it Chuck said the claim was a lie and of course many of us saw the piece of tape that showed that man did drag the flag on the ground and did step on it. I can you give many more examples of the “piling on” by a prejudiced press during the feeding frenzy this last week but I think these samples suffice.

The writers and newsreaders I reference are desperate to bring into line all political dialogue to meet their collectively agreed set of rules that outline the phrase “politically correct” as defined by the news media. PC according to the press requires that all candidates will not criticize special interest liberal groups such as BlackLivesMatter and MoveOn.Org.

The only solution to the news media’s prejudices is to research the claims politicians make and history they reference and the history of those referenced then make a rationale decision in exercising your voting obligation. It is clear enough people are angry about the ineffectiveness of our government, enough to create an actual revolution, but it is a revolution at the voting stations that makes more sense than an armed response to ineffectual political polices and promises.

Finally we must break the stranglehold the press has on free speech and free thought. The most effective way to do this is to stop subscribing to PC newspapers/magazines and remember when you turn off those TV/radio stations that action is recorded by the viewing/listening measurement services that generate the billions of dollars that these organizations reap by “feeding” you their version of the truth.

Bernie makes a point

When Bernie Sanders talks about education in this country he points out that today a college education is equivalent to a high school education from the 40’s, 50,s and early 60’s in this country. Bernie advocates college for everyone; no I should say “free” college for everyone in our country. My question is why not double down on grade, middle and high school in this country and “fix” that broken program before we spend money we don’t have on “college” education for everyone.

Bernie seems to favor European countries with socialist or semi-socialist governments as models for our country. As I recall it Germany and the Scandinavian country used to have a policy that measured performances in grade and middle school to determined whether or not a student was offered a “higher” education in high school. These countries offered as an alternative vocational schooling in lieu of high school for those who had not qualified for the higher education opportunity. If the students did not pass muster for vocational school they were urged to seek non-technical jobs such as manual labor or service jobs. Why not impose this type of program in this country but first address why our grade and middle schools performances have failed our country in recent decades.

First, in the high demand high performance years of the 40,s, 50’s and early 60’s what made the schools successful? The family was key to inspiring and forcing the students to perform well and achieve educational goals. There is no program that can force families to commit to the kind of discipline needed for high performance at the grade and middle school levels. If our citizens want to bring back high levels of performance by our children they must commit to strong ethics and discipline programs.

Secondly as a country we must recommit to a curriculum that emphases math and sciences and passes on social sciences that do not produce long term careers for our children. We must pass on common core because like socialism it is appealing idea that cannot be implemented by the Federal government. The Feds will turn educational goals and objectives into social or political actions to support political parties political objectives.

Third, we cannot “spend, spend, and spend” on teachers and educational programs unless the level of expertise demonstrated by the teachers will achieve the clear objectives I’ve outlined in point two. There are too many examples of paying teachers outrageously high pay in Detroit, NYC and Chicago to name just a few, providing tenure protection and getting terrible performances as these teachers “retired” in their jobs. Teaching should not be the job you take when your college degree in some social science program did not produce a living wage for you and your family. Education should be a clear career objective supported financially by the state and requiring rigorous performance and continuing educational program performances.

Finally I must make the point that no matter how we look at Bernie’s educational objectives we cannot realistically see a way to pay for these lofty objectives. Rather if we can correct the education programs in the grade, middle and high school to be disciplined and math and science and recommit the family to supporting these students we will correct a major shortage in educated talent and bring pride back to America.