Ready, Fire, Aim

Individuals or groups expressing the belief that their position is a foregone conclusion even before they know all the facts are often made fun of with the phase “Ready, Fire, Aim”. American media is adopting this approach in attacking the Trump voter rallies in cities across the country. Ganging up is an appropriate description of what all the media is doing including the “fair and balanced” Fox news network. Every report is slanted to make the violence or potential violence at Trump rallies the product of a “white race” resurgence driven by hatred, racism and the many other ism’s the liberals have used in the past to shame politicians and citizens into politically correct statements and yes a PC thought process. I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump, in fact I voted for Carly Fiorina but I decry the mob attack on Trump and Trump supporters and I’m pretty certain I know why they are happening.

Newspaper/magazines, TV/radio producers/editors and on air readers of the news have deep-seated opinions and prejudices. The opinions and to some degree the prejudices are the product of strongly liberal schools of journalism that populate our country. This liberal training is coupled with the effort of liberal leaning publishers and broadcaster to hire and develop writers and newsreaders that are black, Hispanic and LGBT proving to the public that they are supportive of these special interests groups having a “fair” say in the news discourse.

I can give you several examples of the built in prejudice developed through liberal education and “inherited” prejudices. During the protests in Chicago a black reporter in the field for MSNBC said he had heard “that Trump and Trump supporter are engaged in an effort to give the country back to the white race.” This was a stretch to believe since no spokesperson for Trump or Trump supporters have made this statement. Of course management of MSNBC and its owners NBC did not deny the statement from this reporter and the reporter did not reference where he had “heard” the statement. Another example that struck me was newsreaders taking statements that allegedly came from protesters and reading those statements with emphasis on each syllable making the statements even more dramatic that the original form. This strong, forceful reporting of statements taken in their original form made them seem even angrier and potentially more inflammatory. Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” said to Donald Trump that his claim that the fellow who rushed the stage and was restrained by the secret service was not a supporter of ISIS. Trump responded with “all I know is what we found on the Internet about this fellow.” Chuck said Donald’s statement was untrue. When Trump pointed out that the same individual was dragging the American flag on the ground and walking on it Chuck said the claim was a lie and of course many of us saw the piece of tape that showed that man did drag the flag on the ground and did step on it. I can you give many more examples of the “piling on” by a prejudiced press during the feeding frenzy this last week but I think these samples suffice.

The writers and newsreaders I reference are desperate to bring into line all political dialogue to meet their collectively agreed set of rules that outline the phrase “politically correct” as defined by the news media. PC according to the press requires that all candidates will not criticize special interest liberal groups such as BlackLivesMatter and MoveOn.Org.

The only solution to the news media’s prejudices is to research the claims politicians make and history they reference and the history of those referenced then make a rationale decision in exercising your voting obligation. It is clear enough people are angry about the ineffectiveness of our government, enough to create an actual revolution, but it is a revolution at the voting stations that makes more sense than an armed response to ineffectual political polices and promises.

Finally we must break the stranglehold the press has on free speech and free thought. The most effective way to do this is to stop subscribing to PC newspapers/magazines and remember when you turn off those TV/radio stations that action is recorded by the viewing/listening measurement services that generate the billions of dollars that these organizations reap by “feeding” you their version of the truth.

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