Hillary as President of the U.S. because she is a woman

In July of 2015 I wrote a blog on women as presidents and prime ministers of their respective countries. The purpose of the article was to make the point that just because they were women it did not make them smarter, wiser or less exposed to political pressures in their respective countries. Women are human beings and not less or more qualified to run a complex U.S. administration than their male counterparts.

One of the women presidents I referenced in that July 2015 blog is Dilma Rousseff President of Brazil. Ms. Rousseff in March of 2016 is currently under extreme pressure to resign or face impeachment. Her problems are not that much different from her male counterpart presidents or prime ministers in other countries. She is accused of corruption, falsifying budget numbers and mass graft. At a different level but also facing major problems because of her acceptance of immigrants into Germany is Angela Merkel and she will not be protected by the fact that she is a woman.

The issue is not if these women will survive but it is an object lesson for those who would offer Hillary up for president because she is a woman. If you intend to vote for Hillary do it because you have a rationale set of reasons, do not make it gender based.

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