Coordinated Conspiracy

There is no question that the media, mainstream and otherwise is part of the “stop Trump” campaign. The reason is a little more complex. The media is enraged over Trump’s success in minimizing their interpretation of what is politically correct. Further they are outraged by the fact that Trump’s success in poking fun at the establishment media is so well received by the public. This last fact, the public’s support of the attack on the media personalities is a very serious consideration for their individual careers and their future level of reporting integrity. If you accept this premise then you understand the actions these news personalities and their producers are taking to stop Trump.

You can see in the clips that are being shown of the republican candidates that Trump clips have been reduce in exposure and matched on a two or three to one basis by his competition. The media is concentrating on polls that “might be” interpreted as showing the public is growing in its rejection of Trump as a legitimate presidential candidate. In reading carefully selected “man on the street” interviews the reporters emphases each syllable in the state with a vindictiveness that cannot be heard without hearing a condemnation of Trump or his ideas. The reporters also take statements from the democrat and socialist candidates for president and edit them to emphasize the critizem of Trump. There is no question that the bias is clearly against Trump. It also clear that the reporter and producers/editors are in a mad scramble to save their reputations and maybe even careers. In the reporters and their bosses minds it is “Donald or the press,” hardly an objective team of unbiased reporting that is in the best interest of the American people.

Please don’t let the lame stream media win this battle and defeat this candidate by a conspiracy of pompous, opinionated and frequently poorly educated media. Make your decisions on the candidates free of the mainstream media conspiracies.

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