A couple of months ago I asked via Facebook and my BCC e-mail friends for some help in understanding what the various terrorist group were doing in so effectively using social media.

Yesterday an old friend, Bob Mitchell suggested I read the story in the U.S. April edition of “Wired.” The story beginning on page 76 and going for ten pages is simply titled #jihad.

I’ve learned a great deal from the article and too much to impart in this article but suffice to say I recommend the story.

One of the key things I learned is that I was very naive in thinking that the terrorist groups efforts were limited to social media or that there was a formula of words or messages that caused seemingly normal people to commit to jihad. The messengers of jihad use film, TV, telecom, Internet and social media in well-organized messages to “sell” their story.

I also learned that they recruit for white-collar jobs in the organizations like ISIS and many of the recruits don’t even consider fighting on the battlefield but rather supporting their beliefs by working for the cause behind the scenes. Most of all I learned that ISIS’s in particular is goal driven with sophisticated planning and effective interpretation of what works with each medium.

I believe it will be worth your while to read this article, get the magazine before they are all sold out.

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