Women presidents part 3

I’ve written two other columns about the success and failure of women presidents/prime ministers worldwide. Today I want to address the pending impeachment of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff of the Workers Party of Brazil.

Rousseff isn’t being impeached for being a woman but rather for potentially being dishonest and financially irresponsible. My point in all of my columns about women leaders is that they are not “gifted” in leadership qualities because they are women or are they hampered by being a woman.

In the case of Hillary Clinton her leadership with responsibility was limited to her time as New York Senator and one term as Secretary of State. Her time as first lady gave her name recognition and a platform for promoting some of her own pet projects like the health care program she championed. The health care program she advocated fell flat even though substantial government funds were made available for her campaign to say nothing of access to every major decision maker in the government. Her time as New York Senator was a “cake walk” with little ventured and even less accomplished. As Secretary of State her judgment on Syria and Libya was terrible and she cannot defend her recommendations to the President of the United States. Hillary is a woman but that does not make her a gifted leader. Vote for someone who has the vision and judgment to lead our country not because he or she is a man or a woman.

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