In a recent Wall Street Journal article, April 13, 2016 written by Joanna Stern and titled “Ignoring LinkedIn is Hurting Your Career” she has made some interesting observations. She says that linkedIn has dramatically improved its iOS and Android apps over the past few months with even more iPhone app changes. Although I don’t know if she intended to make the point, she does suggest users are careless in what they provide as personal and business background and that may hurt your business opportunities in the future.

As a user of LinkedIn I recognize that I have provided information or the potential to get information that may not be in my best interest. She also points out what I think may be the most important point in her article and that is that we as participants in LinkedIn click acceptance to almost anyone who asked because it is easier than looking at those reminder check marks. She also point out that LinkedIn has a hidden “remove Connection” button that can clear your connections list one at a time. I think her admonishment to pick your contacts carefully is the most important suggestion. I would also acknowledge that I’ve received more and better jobs proposals than I have had from any other service.

I urge anyone who is currently using LinkedIn or considering signing up to read this article.

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