ObamaCare, an election day issue

Some of the Republican candidates for President of the U.S. have promised various levels of elimination or at least curtailment of ObamaCare. However there is little coverage by the cable channels or major print organizations about the damage ObamaCare is causing the health care program for our country on a day-by-day basis.

Justin Haskins wrote in the opinion page of the “Wall Street Journal” about the “Medicaid Budget Trap.” In March 2015, CBO and JCT projected the net cost of the ObamaCare’s insurance coverage provision-including Medicaid expansion and health insurance subsidies provided through the exchanges – to be $1.26 trillion from 2017 to 2026. Their newest projections for the same period released on March 24, 2016 are $136 billion higher. Why, “The largest difference from the March 2015, projection,” the report states, “stems from an increase in projected spending for Medicaid because more people whom the ACA made eligible for Medicaid are expected to enroll than was anticipated.” This was not a surprise to any thinking person who examined the ACA plans. Still there is no cry from the house or senate to alter this program now and stop the bleeding or in the case of Medicaid the withdrawal of major insurance companies from providing needed services to citizens with incomes below 138% of the federal poverty level.

This last Tuesday UnitedHealth Group withdrew from several states Medicaid programs claiming in affect that the losses were too great to continue to maintain the health services for Medicaid.

Rush Limbaugh claims that this failure of insurance companies to support Medicaid is part of a conspiracy by the left to move our nations health insurance coverage to a universal health care plan controlled by the federal government. This is not likely, what probably happened was that the administration in an effort to put the best face forward projected numbers that would make profits for the insurance companies and sustain the Medicaid programs state by state. You know the line; figures don’t lie but liar’s figure.

In any case the financial losses are piling up state by state and at the federal level, medical costs for the individual continue to rise at alarming rates despite the administrations assurances that individual insurance costs would go down by $2,500 on an annual basis. In a nutshell costs are going up and services are going down yet no out-cry from the public or articles on TV/Radio or in local papers cry out for change. My question is why not. Is it possible that the Republicans are only partially committed to shutting down ObamaCare or they are going to just “alter” the programs to retain some of the more attractive services? Paul Ryan has stated the Republican Party does have a replacement plan but doesn’t want to present it until the 2016 election is completed and there is a clear understanding of the support the party can get from the congress and possibly the White House.

Regardless of the Republican parties plans for health care there needs to be an out cry in the press about the structural failings of ObamaCare and the losses states and individuals are incurring as this failed health care program continues to reak havoc on our citizens.

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