The Media’s Strategy

Let me preface my comments by saying that while I’m a fiscal conservative I would probably be considered socially liberal. My choice for the Republican presidential candidate was Carly Fiorina, clearly a mistake in light of her endorsement of Ted Cruz. The reason for this lengthy explanation of my political preferences is to make the point that I was not a champion of Donald Trump for the Republican’s presidential candidate. However I must say I’m even less supportive of the politically correct news media.

I have not been surprised that the news media “reluctantly accepting” Donald as the representative of the Republican Party in the 2016 Presidential race have launched a campaign of hate and fear against him. The references to him being a loose cannon, dangerous with his finger on the button of a nuclear weapon, hating Muslims and many more charges presented by the press as news and facts is overwhelming. It is true across the media front and clearly signals that the press, unsuccessful in stopping Donald’s campaign for the GOP nomination is going to stop him from becoming the President.

You cannot miss the concerted campaign by the PC press whether it be traditional networks, cable news networks, radio talk shows or print media they are acting as one to sink Trump as a presidential candidate. They constantly quote stats that show blacks, Hispanics and women hate Trump.

In the media world one of the formula’s for campaign success is reach [the number of different people you reach with your message] times frequency [the number of times the message is run] equals cume total. A really good campaign could reach millions of people hundreds of times within the remaining months before Election Day. That is what the news media is intent on doing.

One of the points I want to make is that the PC media can and will be subtle in its efforts to manage the story on Trump. Witness this weekend when all of the news media led with the line; Ryan won’t back Trump. This is big news when the Speaker of the House, a Republican says he won’t support his party’s candidate for President. Let’s take a look at what was really said and what probably was intended.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.), the nation’s highest-ranking GOP official, said Thursday that he could not support Donald Trump until he changes his tone and demonstrates that he shares the party’s values. While acknowledging that Trump has mobilized a powerful grass-roots movement and earned the nomination, Ryan said that Trump has not shown himself to be “a standard-bearer who bears our standard” — and he put the onus on the business mogul to recalibrate his campaign and offer a more inclusive vision. Donald’s response was to say that he could not support Ryan’s party agenda as it is currently presented but it was a basis for negotiations.
I think the key words in Ryan’s statement was “until he changes” which I interpret as a point of negotiation because in the end Paul will have to support Donald or be partially responsible for the loss of the presidency and possibly three supreme court justices positions. I don’t believe Paul Ryan really wants those actions as part of his political legacy.
Meanwhile the PC media is following a strategy of innuendo and fear baiting offering Trump up as a nut case and Hillary Clinton as a less than popular but safe alternative for President of the United States.

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