Full court press

If you like basketball or even if you go to a game to please your date you may have heard the term; full court press. This is a defensive strategy where in the team plays the opposing tight [close up harassing passes etc.] not only under the basket but also over the entire court never letting their opponents a chance to rest or regroup.

Full court press is what the mainstream media is practicing with their coverage of Donald Trump. The media is committed to the destruction of Trump’s campaign for President. I don’t believe it is because they like Hillary but rather they cannot accept an upstart, politically incorrect candidate like Trump succeeding or they will have lost their leverage over traditional politicians and the government.

There are ample examples of the media “reaching” for stories of Trump’s insensitive approach to PC issues. Suffice to say that supporters of Trump just like supporters of Hillary who choose to ignore the e-mail controversy don’t care and will not be deterred by “stories.” Meanwhile the shear weight of written and broadcasting press will seem to make an insurmountable negative wave of “news” for Trump to deal with. Of course his only chance is that Hillary’s negative press in spite of the mainstream medias attempt to minimize exposure will leak out and make for an close race in November of this year.

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