Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!

You refused to be interviewed by the state department IG in reference to the e-mail server installed in your home and your e-mail communications to your staff and the members of the U.S. state department. The investigation and it was an investigation reported that you knew that someone or some organization tried to hack your private server and you sent an e-mail to your staff saying that you wanted to make certain no one had access to your “personal” e-mails and they were instructed to not tell anyone about your private e-mail server. The conclusion of the IG of the state department was that you failed to follow government laws and rules regarding the use and retaining of e-mails related to state department business. It is clear by this report that you lied and tried to hide from the government your communications about state department business. Hillary, you lied, lied, lied.

Hillary don’t worry the mainstream media and your closest supporters will deny, deny, deny and you will gain the democrat parties nomination for President of this country but the majority of the people will know you are untrustworthy and that you are a liar, liar, liar.

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