A day late and a dollar short

It is clear now after just a few days from the terrorist attack in Orlando Florida that Homeland Security and all of its agencies were a day late and a dollar short in identifying and effecting legal constraints on Omar Mateen. Omar declared he committed the murder of 49 innocent victims and wounding of another 50 individuals under the banner of Islam. It is particularly clear that the FBI failed at all levels to identify Omar as a terrorist and in this case an Islamic terrorist killer. It is alleged that Homeland Security including the FBI have been instructed not to pursue Muslims activities in the mosque, on the internet and in personal interviews with neighbors and school mates to determine if a subject is leaning toward Islamic terrorism. If this is true it is just wrong and another example of political correctness gone amuck.

While our President and former AG don’t want to acknowledge that we have a major problem with Islamic terrorist they will have to come around soon. We must aggressively ferret out potential killers in the Islamic community via all sources available and without PC directions from the federal administration.

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