Dallas Shootings

The President of the NAACP in an interview on MSNBC today regarding the Dallas shooting of twelve police officers and the killing of five said that we “must come together and defeat the racism in this country by passing laws against profiling on a national level and a state level as well. We must force our society to accept the idea that young black men deserve a fair assessment by the police in situations in which they are being questioned.

Nowhere in the NAACP statement was there any reference to the black leadership fixing black neighborhood gang problems, repairing the black family ethic or instilling in the black community a pride of responsibility and ownership of that community.

The answer offered by the liberal left and black leadership with vested interest in keeping the flames of discontent between the general community and the black community going is to pass laws that tie the hands of the police and prosecutors or provide bundles of money to special interest groups to fix a problem. This policy has not worked for fifty years and it will not work in the future.

The thing that could work is if the black leadership returned to the black neighborhood’s that they do represent and work within the community to change the rules of living and instill a sense of pride and reasonable goals of achievement for the community to grow and prosper safely.

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