Hillary, Bernie’s joint press conference

A few days ago Bernie Sanders was the lead dog in a press conference with Hillary Clinton to announce Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary. At least the endorsement was the announced reason for the press conference. If you watched the press conference Hillary stood right next to Bernie, smiling at the appropriate time for comments from Bernie, occasionally pumping her fist, raising her hands or nodding her head in apparent agreement with each of Bernie’s statements. Note she did not speak a word during Bernie’s 22-minute statement and only really spoke after Bernie left the podium. What I noted is that Bernie in his statement of endorsement was committing Hillary to most of the agenda his supporter embraced that gave him those huge crowds. Clearly this socialist democrat [that’s what he likes to be called now] was reinforcing things like the fifteen-dollar minimum wage, universal health care, higher taxes on the “1%” of our wealthiest citizens, free college for all families with an income of $125,000 or less, global warming is the number one threat to our world’s survival, increase the number and percentage of tenured professors in colleges and universities, decimalization of Marijuana, reduced prison sentences for non-violet drug sellers and of course many other socially liberal issues Bernie’s supporters want as part of the democrat political platform and fully supported by the democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Remember Hillary is standing right next to Bernie as he made these promises on Hillary’s behalf. She appeared to be a complete accord.

Of course this endorsement by Hillary from her presences to her fist pumping and mouthing support is substantially different from her actual position on many of these matters. It would appear Hillary was willing to let Bernie make these commitments on her behalf in exchange for getting some of his young enthusiastic supporters to support her. Do we believe Bernie’s supporters bought in to this endorsement or like a high percentage of the public do they believe Hillary is just not truthful and not to be trusted? Do you believe that Hillary will stay committed to the promise Bernie made on her behalf at that joint press conference or do you believe Hillary will say what needs to be said to get elected and then go ahead and do whatever she wants to do?

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