Love fest

Now that both political conventions are over I think it is only fair that we acknowledge the love fest between the democrat party and the mainstream media. The twist and turns that the media has successfully put on statements by Trump and the reverence they have shown all things democrat but especially Hillary Clinton is amazing……and very effective.

It is very possible that the media will take this one for the democrat team setting up an eight-year reign of Hillary. It is possible that Hillary might stick to the democrat platform but I doubt it. She has and will continue to make promises to assuage her various liberal factions of the party but I doubt she will keep them unless they match up to her short-term objectives.

However, all is not lost for the republican party because it is possible Hillary might be exposed for her actions and policies if for say as an example the content of her speeches to Wall Street organizations or e-mails from the 33,000 she deleted turn up and contain confidential information, the Clinton foundation may be the next find in examining the Clinton family business dealings on an international level. Meanwhile I can only caution the public to take with a grain of salt the “independent reporting” from CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, BBC and the many local news stations with a preconceived notion about what is good for their country or local community.

One final thought you may want to take a detailed look at the democrat party platform for the 2016 election program, you may be surprised at some of the goals and objectives the democrat party is embracing.

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