Dems platform for2016 election – part 1

In the third paragraph of the opening statement the democrats summarize the problems of our country. They say the republicans have chosen gridlock but logic dictates it was both political parties that have gone these route.
“But too many Americans have been left out and left behind. They are working longer hours with less security. Wages have barely budged and the racial wealth gap remains wide, while the cost of everything from childcare to a college education has continued to rise. And for too many families, the dream of homeownership is out of reach. As working people struggle, the top one percent accrues more wealth and more power. Republicans in Congress have chosen gridlock and dysfunction over trying to find solutions to the real challenges we face. It’s no wonder that so many feel like the system is rigged against them.”
The democrats sole reference in the opening statement to curbing Wall Street power is the following, hardly a definitive plan.
“We firmly believe that the greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior on Wall Street must be brought to an end. Wall Street must never again be allowed to threaten families and businesses on Main Street. “
Climate change is a key to democrat plans for the future but it is hardly a definitive statement
“Democrats believe that climate change poses a real and urgent threat to our economy, our national security, and our children’s health and futures, and that Americans deserve the jobs and security that come from becoming the clean energy superpower of the 21st century.”
Lumping military status with transcend borders and international terrorism and climate change is as weak as it gets when it comes to supporting our military.
“We believe our military should be the best-trained, best-equipped fighting force in the world, and that we must do everything we can to honor and support our veterans. And we know that only the United States can mobilize common action on a truly global scale, to take on the challenges that transcend borders, from international terrorism to climate change to health pandemics.”
The democrats are very clear when it comes to their support of the immigrants and so are the republicans within the laws of our country.
“The stakes have been high in previous elections. But in 2016, the stakes can be measured in human lives—in the number of immigrants who would be torn from their homes; in the number of faithful and peaceful Muslims who would be barred from even visiting our shores; in the number of allies alienated and dictators courted; in the number of Americans who would lose access to health care and see their rights ripped away.”
More to come as we exam the details in the democrat 2016 polices for this presidential election.

More to come when we review the “details” of democrat platform in the future.

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