A possible, no probable scenario

With the assassination of Trump’s presidential ambition by his own mouth and the mass media’s concentrated “no Trump” campaign we need to look to a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Of course the democrat party has its concerns, the number of incriminating e-mails that may still be floating out there has everyone one in the democrat party and the Hillary team waiting for the other shoe to drop. The Hillary team of some members of the democrat party are floating the “Russians are coming; the Russians are coming” to deflect whatever the elusive e-mails may contain. Still an October surprise is a very real consideration for Hillary and the party. E-mails exposing Hillary’s actions while Secretary of State that involve large contributions to the Clinton Foundations from foreign nations or businesses in exchange for government contacts or contracts could be devastating to Hillary’s believability numbers. I know these are observations that almost everyone knows but I believe the problem is much greater than Hillary’s believability numbers.

If revelations do occur in October that in theory “convict” Hillary of improper action’s, it will not stop her from winning at the polls. The democrat party will pull out all of the plugs to confuse the stories being released and the press will of course will stonewall the ugliest parts of the story. The voters will in all likelihood go to the polls somewhat confused but still pull the lever for Hillary.

This is where the real problem begins, Hillary is elected and at the same time the e-mail revelations are slowly but steadily confirmed. The results will be devastating to the Hillary administration and even worse it would weaken, maybe even totally cripple our country’s foreign policy because no one will trust Hilary’s administration to play “fair.”

The democrat party recognizes this scenario as possible and so they will do everything in their power to cover for Hillary and with the help of the mainstream media will be successful and that is a good thing for our country. You see no matter how wrong Hillary may be it is better to cover her mistakes than weaken the country’s influence on the world’s international issues and the great potential for weakening the economic programs for our country. Complete revelations will come out in her second term run and if there is skullduggery in her handling of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation it will be revealed.

Today some sent me a picture of a yard sign it said; 2016 – We’re Screwed – both candidates stink. Says it all for me.

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