Revolution to Revulsion

What happen to Bernie Sanders avid supporters or more accurately what happened to the press coverage of the Sanders movement?

When Bernie ask his more than 13 million supporters to switch to Hillary for the 2016 election the press either assumed his supporters would follow his direction, ignoring the protests at the Democrat convention and the subsequent protests in the streets or they just didn’t want to cover the dissidents in the Democrat party.

Let me tell what happened. Bernie formed a new group called “Our Revolution” espousing all of the issues that Bernie raised in his race for the Democrat party’s nomination for the 2016 presidential race. They want universal health care, free college, income equality, breaking up big banks, dumping TPP well you remember all things that require the resources we don’t have. Bernie’s people set up meetings in 2600 cities in the country to launch the “Our Revolution” movement and using his staff from his aborted presidential campaign had everything in place to in essences launch a new political party. However, there was trouble ahead when he announced to the rest of his staff that Jeff Weaver [director of Bernie during the presidential campaign] as chief administrator of “Our Revolution.” The key support staff for this campaign started to resign because they objected to Jeff as the “boss.” Further they pointed out that Jeff had registered the movement as a 501 [c] [4] allowing the campaign to accept large sums of money from among other billionaires, a no no during the failed presidential campaign.

I bet you didn’t even know about this conflict, maybe even know about the “Our Revolution” campaign because the press didn’t cover it. Why? It may be because they didn’t want to highlight dissention among presumed Democrat party voters. Of course they have had no problem reporting on the 14 million “rebel” Republicans who voted for Trump.

In any case it would appear that Bernie’s “Revolution has become Bernie’s supporters Revulsion.

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