Vegas odds makers

After the first presidential debate of 2016 was completed Donald Trump said the mainstream media was Hillary’s most powerful weapon and she used it well. It’s clear that the media is in the bag for Hillary and maybe even more importantly the leaders of the “no Trump” movement. The media recognizes that Trump’s rant against the politically correct stands by the media is a serious threat to the influence on the public and strength against legislation that was not PC and a mainstay of the mainstream media. You might recall I wrote a column about a month ago titled “Possible, no probable scenario” where I stated that Hillary is going to win the election because the agents for change can’t beat the media commitment to defeat Trump. You might ask why is the media still presenting the contest as a close race between Hillary and Donald. The answer is that if the public believes it is still a race the news reporters and pundits will be listened to and watched and help the media to continue the onslaught on Trump and the PC incorrect programs the public has been calling for and the media doesn’t not want to see become law. It may also increase the voter turnout, something important to the Hillary campaign if she is to win.

So what does this have to do with Vegas odds makers? The odds makers have Hillary winning by more than 65% and when it comes to gambling with money Vegas odds makers just don’t make mistakes. I wonder if there are odds on Hillary being impeached in her first term in office?

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