Sign of the times

There is no question that this presidential election has exposed the polarization of U.S. citizens. Roughly that polarization is defined as; those who favor a federal government with more control over health and social service programs and those that want a minimum of federal government control with capital market competition to determine the types of services and cost available to every citizen.

It seems reasonable to believe that whomever wins the 2016 presidential election [Hillary is the odds on favorite] there will be at least half of the voting population [eligible voting population is 115 million] 58 million will vote. Of the 58 million that will vote, the ideological split appears to be about 50-50 meaning that our political and governmental direction for the next four years will have approximately 29 million voting citizens diametrically opposed to either a Hillary or a Donald administration. It is also likely that the conservatives mostly in the form of Republicans will control enough of the congress that a Hillary administration will be challenged with every request for changes in the law or funding to implement her liberal programs. It also reasonable to assume that because the polarization is so clearly defined that any elected Republican who might consider supporting a Hillary proposal risks being dumped at the next primary.

The prognostications for the next four years is not encouraging. While it is less likely there is a consideration that in the rat race for the 2016 election Hillary [Donald possible but less likely to win] might face legal actions less than impeachment but possibly just as crippling to the President of the United States. Not a pretty picture for the future and although it is likely the government will “cover up” any efforts to prosecute a sitting president it will play havoc with our creditability inside this country and outside. There is no telling what our deeply divided political status will do to our defenses on the international scene and if it could or will lead to a war.

One probable outcome of this election is the formation of one and yes two new political parties. The extreme left wing [Bernie Sanders followers] will form a protest party although the efforts this last couple of months to do so have fallen on deaf ears. Conservatives are in such a disarray with so many factions that their efforts will be just as useless as the left wing liberals. It would be nice to believe that out of this chaos called the 2016 Presidential election some reasonable leadership will emerge.

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