Take one for the team

When I was in high school I played single wing football, right half back. On some plays I would pull from my positon on the end of the wing and lead an attack at the opposing line by blocking for the ball carrier. At a 139 pounds I was blocking linemen averaging 200 pounds so I was in essence taking one for the team. Tim Kane took one for the Hillary campaign in the one and only VP debate. He was charged with giving “quotes” from Trump or alleged claims by and about Donald that the media could capitalize on during the post- debate coverage. In order to achieve this objective of spreading negative statements about Trump he was sometimes rude, offish and degraded his own value to his future political ambitions, or did he? I believe Tim gained a great deal of support from the Democrat party management and it will serve him well in future political ambitions, should for example Hillary step away from a second term due to health concerns leaving the way for a well-supported run by King for President of the United States in 2020.

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